Spiritual Necklace And Its Fashion Trend

In the past, the cross pendant necklaces we wore symbolised the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is always seen as a representation of the faith in Christianity and is seldom believed to be able to ward off negative powers. Though now of days the cross necklace has reached far beyond such paragons.


In today’s world, the divine spiritual necklace is being worn by many individuals as a piece of jewellery. The cross gets its popularity because of its asymmetrical appearance, it is liked by both religious and non-religious people. Just like this cross necklace, there are many other pieces of Spiritual jewellery available in the market. All of them seems very attractive when worn on a chain.

There are various types of spiritual necklaces available in the market. There are the classic or orthodox crosses, plain cross pendant necklaces, the crucifixes cross and Celtic cross. You can also found There are certain handcrafted pendants made by the designers that reflect the detailed work. Although the majority of these necklaces are made on a commercial scale to fulfil the demand of the fashion trend in the market. Although many of them are made on an industrial scale. The gold and silver spiritual pendants are the most common ones. To make a difference people fit a diamond inside the pendant to add a special touch. Instead of using a gold or silver chains to attach the pendant there are necklaces with rosary beds that looks unique and different but attractive at the same time.

The cost of the necklace differs depends on many factors such as the representation or size of the pendant, the element used and many more. These are available in all the jewellery shops, but the most common place to buy one is from the internet. There are many websites and designers who sell these necklaces online. They all have a wide variety of collection for their customers to choose from.

These necklaces are an embodiment of spiritual and religious views, and that’s why you can find many religious people and priests wearing them. But it doesn’t matter if the wearer is a non-believer or a believer, everyone knows that these spiritual necklaces are very attractive.

If you want to buy a spiritual necklace you can easily found one on the internet. Most of the websites offer free home, and they are very reliable as well.


Gemstone Bracelets Online: Charm and Appeal of Buying Crystal Jewellery

Gemstone and crystal jewelry are considered as most graceful, and ageless jewelry. Apart from its elegant beauty and appeal, the crystal jewelry products like gemstones bracelets online can provide with incredible healing effects. Chakra bracelet catalyzes the healing processes in the spiritual realm and one can get positive results in lesser time.


The seven chakras in our body are related to different emotions and are associated with the healthy functioning of different systems. Particular gemstones favor the removal of certain ailments. Gemstone jewelry can render you with healed and energized mind, body, and soul besides enhancing the physical beauty.

Benefits of various gemstones bracelets online
Angel of protection bracelet: This is a bracelet you would simply love. It features three elegant angel-themed stack bracelets made from a sterling silver or 24kt vermeil as per your choice. One has a choice to purchase the stack of three or a single bracelet. It is a unique piece of adornment that also serves as an ideal gift to your mom, sister or best friend at any special occasion.

The jewelry piece is designed to be worn at any time of the day but is particularly suitable for evenings. It would compliment most of your outfits with its meaningful and attractive design. Another thing to know is that the angel wings in the bracelet symbolize purity, well being, protection, courage and divine illumination.
Zen Dog Silver bracelets: If you have a pet friend or simply love the four-pawed best friend of humans, then this is the bracelet for you. You can also gift it to your animal-lover friend or mom or dad as a token of love and care. Some of us would like to gift it our furry friends. In any case, the Zen dog silver bracelets would bring in smiles.

The bracelet features silver sterling 925 beads alongside delicate cat or a dog charm and a tiny silver heart charm. You can wear the bracelet as a single or as a part of the stack bracelet collection. You don’t have to worry to find your favorite canine friend in the bracelet. The various animal charms in the bracelet range from the Daschund charm, Chihuahua charm, French bulldog charm, Labrador charm to the cat charm.

There are even more exclusive pieces of gemstone bracelets online to be found. You can visit Elizabeth Caroline to find out elegant gemstone jewelry at reasonable prices online.

Top 3 Crystals Used in Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Spiritual healing necklace is widely known for its healing ability and considered as an excellent way to boost immunity. It is commonly believed that this type of jewelry can impart calmness, deep relaxation, and tranquility. There is a wide variety of spiritual jewelry available in the market. It is made of different metals fitted with various crystals. It is considered as the crystals have healing properties, due to which the crystal jewelry is becoming popular these days.


If you are looking forward to buying spiritual healing jewelry, then you can find many store options, but not all of them are reliable. You need to be careful when choosing a store. Before you make your decision, you need to know different types of crystals used in the spiritual jewelry. In this guide, we are going to tell some famous healing crystals that you can choose to wear with your spiritual jewelry.

Types of Crystals:
Crystals can be categorized on the basis of color. It comes in a wide range of color such as orange, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, etc. They are used to stimulate the body and relax your mind as they pose relaxing and soothing properties.
1.Rose Quartz:This beautiful pink color crystal has soothing and calming nature. It is believed that this crystal is used to develop love and forgiveness. Not only it helps you to relax your mind, also add charm to your look.
2.Jade:This crystal comes in dark green color and commonly used in spiritual healing jewelry. It helps you to strengthen your kidney and heart. Many people assume that it brings fortune to the user and offers mental and emotional balance.
3.Amethyst:Usually, it comes in purple color, but a mix of purple and blue color crystal also considered as Amethyst crystal. It is known for its healing capabilities. It helps the wearer to get sound sleep and relaxes his/her mind. It also helps in reducing anxiety by controlling the nightmares. It helps in managing blood sugar level as well.


These are the crystals that are used for healing purposes, there are many more, such as tiger eye, iron pyrite, citrine, desert rose, Celestine, etc.If you are seeking a store to buy spiritual healing jewelry, then Elizabeth Caroline jewelry store can turn out to be the best option.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Jewellery is an indispensable part of our lives since ancient times. But, do you know that wearing a piece of jewellery may have some spiritual effect on your personality? Yes, it is true; if we look back in history, our ancestors wore jewellery not for its appeal, but for its effect. There are lots of people who wear gold or silver jewellery fitted with precious gems like ruby, pearl, diamond, sapphire, etc. these days. They believe that these spiritual healing jewellery pieces can decrease of black energy in the whole body, absorb of divine consciousness and protect them from negative energy such as ghost, demons, devils.original_turtle-totem-gemstone-necklace-600x650If you are looking for a store to buy spiritual healing jewelery, then you can find many options. It is difficult to decide which one to choose, but a Google can be your best partner. Before you make your decision, you need to know the reasons to wear spiritual jewellery. In this guide, we are going to tell the benefits of spiritual jewellery.

Advantages of Spiritual Jewelry:
1.Heals your mind, body and soul:People use gemstones and crystal jewellery to improve their health. Our body emits and absorbs energy. Similarly, stones also work in same way. They absorb, store, generate and emit energy. Working on your inner soul, they help you get a peaceful mind, healthy body and a clean soul.
2.Provide better health:Wearing spiritual stones not only add charm to your personality, also improve your mental and physical health. These stones are the storehouse of energy and help you to raise the energy level of your body. For instance, rose quartz crystal can help you to relax your mind while healing your soul.
3.Improve your decision-making power:People wear various types of stones to relax their mind. A healthy mind has a better judgment power which allows a person to make good and confirmed decisions without getting biased in any way. It helps you to get control on your emotions.serenity-mala-542x542 These are the reasons people wear spiritual jewellery, there are many more, such as it protects you from negative energy, boost confidence, improve your mood, etc. If you need to buy spiritual healing jewelery, don’t forget to visit Elizabeth Caroline’s jewellery store. For more information, explore the website here: http://elizabethcaroline.co.uk/

The Significance Of Spiritual Jewellery

Jewellery, as we all know, can instantly lift any dull outfit or add beauty to an even beautiful outfit. But do you know about the spiritual side of it? History comprises of people belonging to different civilisations, wearing jewellery made of different metals and gems for the purpose of spiritual benefit. Have you ever given a thought to the significance of wearing jewellery? What positive effects it can bring to the mind and the body? Elizabeth Caroline London Jewellery collection offers a wide collection of spiritual necklaces and spiritual bracelets in the UK. Read on to know the significance of wearing spiritual jewellery.


  • Transforming the image:It is believed that spiritual jewellery was used as a way to transform the image during ancient times. The individual wearing it could attain perfection and beauty that is only specific to nature. People wearing spiritual jewellery are not only beautiful in an earthly way, but are also blessed with fortune and good luck.
  • Beautifying:According to ancient beliefs, the part of the body, which is covered by spiritual jewellery, is considered beautiful. A jewel-free appearance is incomplete and undesirable. A body should be beautified with spiritual jewellery, which has a direct connection to human nature and metaphysical symbols.
  • Shield against negative energies:Spiritual jewellery can help heal those undergoing irritability, anger, anxiety, and mental illness. It is energised by cosmic rays, which are transmitted to the human body for perfect health. Wearing spiritual jewellery is beneficial for those who are constantly on the move.
  • Impact radiance and joy:Contact with the ornaments contributes to radiance and joy. It provides alertness to the body and the body thus imbibes positive energy. This arises divinity, which results in joy.
  • Benefit of acupressure:Acupressure means applying pressure on the specific points of the body to remove negative energy. The parts of the body get pressed on the specific points by acupressure. In ancient times, people did not have the need of undergoing acupressure treatment, as they were subjected to acupressure through jewellery.

Elizabeth Caroline is a leading skin and well-being expert in the UK. She aims to heal people and help find their own light. She is a proud founder of the Elizabeth Caroline London Jewellery Collection. You can find here a great selection of necklaces, bags, mala beads, gifts, and spiritual bracelets in the UK. The jewellery is handmade by a group of talented women from India. The pieces are blessed with healing intention and are inspired by life lessons.